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EPS Geology Field Camp Scholarships

Due March 5, 2021

There are three scholarships available to students attending field camp during Summer ’21, and you will be able to apply for all three via one application.

Don Byerly Field Camp Scholarhips

Professor Byerly, a member of the faculty of the department of Geological Sciences, directed the department’s field camp program in Dayton, Tennessee for twenty-five years.  Dr. Byerly’s dedication and service to the field camp program continues and is demonstrated through the establishment of this endowment.  The Geology field camp program is considered a capstone experience for junior and senior majors in Geology and an essential component for professional development in the field of Geology.  Though the endowment was established by Dr. Byerly, you must also appreciate the fact that many alumni have made contributions in order that this award can be made.

William O. Ross Field Camp Scholarships

Bill Ross received his B.S degree in geology from UT in 1960.  The William O. Ross Field Camp Scholarship provides substantial funds each year to help our undergraduate students attend field camp, which Bill considers a critical part of a geological education. His first career was with the US Geological Survey, Paleontology and Stratigraphy Branch, in Washington, D.C. Bill’s office was in the main Smithsonian Building, which he greatly enjoyed.

Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society(KGMS) Field Camp Scholarships
The Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society (KGMS) is a nonprofit, educational and scientific interest group.  A principal goal of the KGMS is education. The KGMS provides enrichment programs and educational materials to east Tennessee Schools and scholarships in the Earth Sciences.  Each year, two (2) deserving undergraduates from the University of Tennessee Earth & Planetary Sciences Department are selected to receive a field camp scholarship.


To apply, please submit application via email (either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) to on or before March 5th. No late applications will be considered.

Include the following in a single-spaced document, no more than two (2) pages long:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Your current GPA (both geology and overall—do not include estimates of grades from this semester)
  3. Reasons why you feel yourself deserving of a scholarship (this should include need)
  4. The specific camp you plan to attend, and why
  5. What you anticipate achieving at camp

Note:  These written criteria are driven by the requirements of the individual scholarship sponsors, and are a MAJOR component of the selection criteria. The decisions will be made on how well you can articulate your responses, and not on GPA alone, so take your time to be clear and concise!

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