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EPS Advisory Board Scholarships

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Advisory Board Scholarship program was set up by departmental alumni and friends in 2018 to provide support for current EPS Geology and Geology & Environmental Studies (GES) undergraduate students and Geology graduate students. There are two types of scholarships: (1) Financial Need or Hardship Scholarship, and (2) General Scholarship. Awards are typically in the range of $500 to $1,000.

“Financial Need” or “Hardship” scholarships for current EPS Students

Application forms are available here. These are non-recurring (one-time) scholarships. Financial Need and Hardship applications and awards are strictly confidential. There is no GPA or academic requirement, other than the student must be making adequate progress towards their degree. Factors considered in making awards include, but are not limited to, the student’s educational and living expenses, income, family contributions towards education, eligibility for “Pell grants,” expiration or loss of “Hope Scholarship,” status as a “first generation student,” and health/family considerations. A short financial statement is required for both types of scholarship applications, and a resume or CV is also required.

  • Financial Need Scholarships are for students who, through financial planning, realize they may require more support in the future for tuition and/or fees, meeting changing living expenses (e.g., rent hike), upcoming field work or conference travel, gap in research funding available from an advisor, etc. Financial Need support is not immediately required but could help the student in the future. Submission deadlines for Financial Need scholarships are twice a year, February 15 and October 15.
  • Hardship Scholarships are for students who are in immediate and critical financial distress because they cannot pay rent, are unable to buy groceries, pay medical bills, meet a tuition and fees deadline, etc. There are no submission deadlines for Hardship Scholarship requests.

General Scholarships for current EPS GES undergraduates and Geology graduate students

Application forms are available here. These are non-recurring (one-time) scholarships to undergraduate students or fellowships if awarded to graduate students. The purpose of the award is to provide students with support for a wide variety of needs or activities. These could include books, computers, other electronics, academic travel, study abroad, research, etc. These awards are meant to supplement, not replace, existing EPS department funds (like the Byerly field camp scholarships, Ross field camp scholarships, departmental travel grants provided through the Discretionary Fund, Otto Kopp undergraduate research scholarships, etc.), and Graduate Student Senate Travel Grants, and/or faculty research grants or endowments. A resume or CV is required with the application. Student GPA, academic standing, and financial need may be considered for the award, but are not the sole factors. Successful applicants must be making adequate progress towards their degree. EPS may announce recipients of General Advisory Board Scholarships. Submission deadlines for General Scholarships are February 15 and October 15.

Please submit applications by email to Dr. Colin Sumrall, Associate Department Head,

Scholarship Disbursement

Student recipients should be aware that Federal regulations govern how fellowships and scholarships are administered at UT. Specifically, these EPS Advisory Board scholarship funds are processed through UT’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The Financial Aid office may combine this award with any other financial aid and the amount of other financial aid may be reduced. Also, if a recipient has unpaid charges (e.g., fees), then the scholarship may be applied towards those outstanding charges before dispersing excess funds to the recipient. Questions or concerns can be directed to Dr. Sumrall.

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