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Harry Y. McSween

Post Docs

Current Postdocs

Brian Balta Brian Balta
(2009-present) PhD Caltech
Brian studies the petrology of martian meteorites, and is particularly interested in the role of water in magmas.

Past Postdocs

  • Andrea Patzer
    (2010-2012) PhD Max-Planck-Institut fur Chemie (Germany)
    Petrology of howardite meteorites

  • Brian Hahn
    (2009-2010) PhD SUNY Stony Brook
    Brian studied the Martian surface using a combination of remote sensing datasets.
  • Doug Howard
    (2009-2010) PhD George Mason University
    Doug's work utilized THEMIS spectra and imagery to understand Martian geologic processes.
  • Tomohiro Usui
    (2005-2009) PhD Okayama University (Japan)
    Tomo studied the petrology and geochemistry of martian meteorites, HED meteorites, and data from the MER rovers.
  • Nick Lang
    (2006-2008) PhD University of Minnesota
    Nick's research focused on interpreting TES and THEMIS spectra from orbiting spacecraft  to constrain igneous process on Mars.
  • Amitabha Ghosh
    (1997 - 2006) PhD University of Tennessee
    Amitabha has continued developed of asteroid thermal models by including realistic accretion scenarios. He also participated in mission operations and analyses of soils for Mars Pathfinder
  • Mike Rampey
    (2003-2005) PhD Cambridge University (England)
    Mike used THEMIS imagery and spectra to study volcanic domes on the martian surface.
  • Rachel Lentz
    (1998-2004) PhD University of Hawaii
    Rachel's work focuses on application of crystal size distribution analysis to martian meteorites, and measurement of light elements (Li, Be, B) by ion microprobe.
  • Jim Greenwood
    (1996-1998) PhD Brown University
    Using the ion probe, Jim analyzed sulfur isotopes in the sulfides of martian meteorites. He also participated in mission operations and analysis of rocks for Mars Pathfinder.
  • Don Eisenhour
    (1995) PhD Arizona State University
    Don described a method for correcting chondrule sizes measured in this section, and characterized the QUE94201 martian meteorite.
  • Bruce Patterson
    (1993-1994) PhD University of St. Andrews (Scotland)
    Bruce was instrumental in calibrating the ion microprobe at nearby ORNL, and used this instrument to analyze sulfur isotopes in troilite of ordinary chondrites.
  • Ralph Harvey
    (1990-1994) PhD University of Pittsburgh
    Ralph's research focused on the petrology and geochemistry of nakhlites and other martian meteorites.

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