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Harry Y. McSween

Graduate Students

Current Students

Megan Ennis Megan Ennis (MS)
B.S., Morehead State University
Megan is quantifying the crystallization histories of Martian meteorites, using CSD and mineral zoning patterns.
Nicole Lunning Nicole Lunning (PhD)
B.S., University of Chicago
M.S., University of California, Davis
Nicole is studying howardites and carbonaceous chondrite impact melts, both having application to the Dawn mission's exploration of Vesta.
Arya Udry Arya Udry (PhD)
M.S., Universite de Lausanne (Switzerland)
Arya is particularly interested in the petrology and chemistry of Mars rocks.

Recently Graduated

  • Driss Takir (PhD 2013)
    Driss is conducting a near-infrared spectral survey of outer Main Belt asteroids to constrain their mineralogies, potential meteorite analogs, and alteration histories.  He is also studying the 3-micron hydration band in C-asteroids and CM carbonaceous chondrites using telescopic and laboratory measurements. (co-directed with Josh Emery)
    Now Postdoc at Ithaca College
  • Ian McGlynn (PhD 2012)
    Ian is using spacecraft data to investigate the textures and mineralogies of Martian soils.  He is also studying terrestrial analogs to understand the roles of physical and chemical weathering and aeolian sorting in forming these soils. (co-directed with Chris Fedo)
  • Andrew Beck (PhD 2011) Petrology and Geochemistry of Olivine-Bearing Diogenites and a Group of Paired Howardites
    Now Postdoc at Smithsonian Institution
  • Sheri Singerling (MS 2011)
    Sheri is interested in the petrology of meteorites, especially HEDs.
    Now a doctoral student at the University of New Mexico
  • Tasha Dunn (PhD 2008)
    Determination of Mineral Abundances in Ordinary Chondrites Using Powder X-ray Diffraction: Applications to Parent Body Processes and Asteroid Spectroscopy
    Now Assistant Professor at Colby College
  • Rhiannon Mayne (PhD 2008)
    Investigating the Petrogenesis of the Basaltic Crust of Asteroid 4 Vesta: A Combined Petrologic-Spectral Study of the Unbrecciated Eucrites
    Now Assistant Professor of Geology at Texas Christian University
  • Keith Milam (PhD 2007)
    Mapping the Martian Geologic Record: Studies of the Gusev Crater Landing Site and Plagioclase Feldspar Compositions on Mars (co-directed with J. Moersch)
    Now Assistant Professor of Geology at Ohio University
  • Jeffrey Nettles (PhD 2007)
    Petrology of Chondrule Precursors and Sorting of Particles in Ordinary Chondrites
  • Livio Tornabene (PhD 2007)
    Remote sensing of impact crater-exposed subsurface lithologies and Martian rayed crater systems (co-directed with J. Moersch)
    Now Research Associate at University of Western Ontario
  • Valerie Slater-Reynolds (PhD 2005)
    Geochemical Investigations of Ordinary Chondrites, Shergottites, and Hawaiian Basalts
    Now Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Karen Stockstill (PhD 2005)
    Analysis of Martian Parental Melts and Thermal Infrared Studies of Putative Paleolake Basins on Mars (co-directed with J. Moersch)
    Now Postdoc at Smithsonian Institution
  • Katherine Ocker-Stone (PhD 2002)
    Martian Xenon Components in the Basaltic Shergottite Meteorites (co-directed with J. Gilmour)
    Now Assistant Professor of Physics and Geology at Tusculum College
  • Mike Wyatt (PhD 2002)
    Analysis of Terrestrial and Martian Volcanic Compositions using Thermal Emission Spectroscopy

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