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Spring 2021 Klepser Seminar Series

Thursday, 4:30 pm, via Zoom

Date Speaker, Affiliation (Host) Title
28 Jan Ed Perfect, University of Tennessee Welcome/Information
4 Feb Sanjeev Gupta, Imperial College, London (Kah) Brexit 1.0: A catastrophic beginning to Britain's island story
11 Feb Imran Rahman,
Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Sumrall)
Elucidating Ediacaran ecosystems using computational fluid dynamics
18 Feb No Seminar Optional Landing of the Perseverance Rover departmental event
25 Feb Harald Hiesinger,Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster, Germany (Thomson) Using impact craters to understand the nature and timing of geologic processes across the Solar System
4 Mar Gregory Holk
California State University (Sumrall)
Faults as superhighways of fluid flow: Stable isotope evidence for fluid cycling and boiling at the brittle-ductile transition
11 Mar Sally Walker, University of Georgia (McKinney) Scallop Forensics in Antarctica
18 Mar Tom Green, Executive Director, Project Vesta(Romaniello) Can olivine rocks save the planet?
25 Mar Toby Dogwiler, Missouri State University (Engel) The Geology and Geography of Beer
8 Apr Andrew G. Stack, ORNL (Perfect) TBA
15 Apr Liz Rampe, Johnson Space Center (Fedo) TBA
22 Apr Awards day

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