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Fall 2021 Klepser Seminar Series

Thursday, 4:30 pm, via Zoom


Speaker, Affiliation (Host)


19 Aug

Colin Sumrall, University of Tennessee

Student welcome and orientation seminar

26 Aug

Sean M. Schaeffer, University of Tennessee (McKinney)

Microplastics: biogeochemical cycling and their fate and transport in soils

2 Sept

Bowling Green at Tennessee

No seminar because of Football,

9 Sep

Geoffrey J. Gilleaudeau, George Mason University (Kah)

Carbonate rocks as an archive for Earth's oxygenation history

16 Sep

Riley Black, Freelance Science Journalist, Salt Lake City, UT (Drumheller)

Sifting the Fossil Record - How to Tell Stories from Deep Time

23 Sep

Sarah Johnson
Georgetown University (Thomson)

Agnostic Approaches to Life Detection

30 Sep

Fall Break, No Seminar

7 Oct

Amy Fagen, Western Carolina University (Dygert)

Lunar Basalts - What we know and what's left to discover?

14 Oct

GSA, No Seminar

21 Oct

Arya Udry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (McSween)

Martian meteorites as windows to the Martian interior and the need for returned samples

28 Oct


Student Presentations I

4 Nov


Student Presentations II

11 Nov


Student Presentations III

18 Nov


Student Presentations IV

25 Nov

Thanksgiving Break,

No Seminar

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