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Spring 2022 Klepser Seminar Series

Thursday, 4:30 pm, via Zoom


Speaker, Affiliation (Host)


27 Jan

No Seminar


3 Feb

Jon Hathaway, University of Tennessee (McKinney)

Reimagining urban watershed management: Smart city approaches and the ultimate prize

10 Feb

Dennis Newell, Utah State University (Jessup)

Geochemical evidence in hot springs for mantle-to-crust connections during flat slab subduction

17 Feb

Sarah George, University of Arizona (Grambling)

Geologic response to subduction and accretion of thick oceanic crust along Cordilleran margins

24 Feb

Cameron McCarty, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center (Jacobsen)

ISS payload operations: A unique use of a geologist at NASA

3 Mar

Rick Wooten, Jahns Lecturer

2018-2020: Two years, eight storms, 320+ landslides and an earthquake: What does it mean, and what do we do now?

10 Mar


No Seminar

17 Mar

Spring break

No Seminar

24 Mar

Arianna Soldati, North Carolina State University (McCanta)

Imagining Ferrovolcanism

31 Mar

Dorian Abbot, University of Chicago (Moersch)

Climate and the Potential for Life on Other Planets

7 Apr

Jeong-Hyun Lee, University of Tennessee (Riding)


14 Apr

Spring recess

No Seminar

21 Apr

Rebecca Williams, Planetary Science Institute (Kah)

Martian lakes: New insights into their location, history and climate implications derived from field analog studies

28 Apr

Christopher Brochu, University of Iowa (Drumheller)

The giant dwarf crocodiles that ate our ancestors - crocodylian response to environmental change in the Cradle of Humanity

5 May

Awards day

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