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Elizabeth HerndonElizabeth Herndon (she/her)

Joint Faculty
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Phone: (865) 341-0330
Research Website

Elizabeth Herndon is an environmental geochemist in the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Joint Faculty in EPS. She is broadly interested in understanding metal biogeochemistry and how metal cycling influences carbon and nutrient dynamics in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Her research incorporates various geochemical and spectroscopic techniques to understand how geochemical processes at the pore-scale influence ecosystem function at the watershed-scale. This research has implications for understanding nutrient and carbon fluxes across multiple biomes.

Current projects include:

  1. Geochemical factors (e.g., iron oxides) that mediate phosphorus bioavailability across redox gradients in arctic tundra (National Science Foundation/Office of Polar Programs)
  2. Biogeochemical manganese cycling and impacts on carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems (ORNL/Laboratory Directed Research and Development)

More information can be found at

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
*indicates mentee author; †indicates senior author

  1. Yazbek, L.*, Cole, K., Shedleski, A., Singer, D., and Herndon, E.† (2021) Hydrogeochemical processes limiting Fe export in a headwater catchment impaired by acid mine drainage. ACS ES&T Water 1(1), 68 – 78.
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  5. Shaw M.*, Yazbek L.*, Singer D., Herndon E.† (2020) Seasonal mixing from intermittent flow drives concentration-discharge (C-Q) behavior in a stream affected by coal mine drainage. Hydrological Processes 34(17), 3669-3682.
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Editor-reviewed Publications

  1. Kumar, P., Herndon, E., and Richter, D. (2020) Critical agents of change at Earth’s surface. Eos, 101,
  2. Herndon, E.M. (2018) News and Views: Permafrost slowly exhales methane. Nature Climate Change 8, 273-274. doi:10.1038/s41558-018-0129-6. Invited.
  3. Herndon, E.M. (2016) Perspectives: Tips to help chemists achieve a work-life balance. Chemical and Engineering News 94(27): 30-31. Invited.

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