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Terry HazenTerry Hazen

Governor's Chair
Environmental Microbiology

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
507 SERF
Knoxville, TN 37996-1412

Phone: 974-8080
Website: The Hazen Lab

Systems Biology approach to Bioremediation, Bioenergy and Water Quality

The Hazen Lab is a diverse group of scientific post doctoral fellows, research associates, technicians, and students in microbial ecology and environmental engineering. The primary research emphasis of the lab is basic and applied field microbial ecology, especially as it relates to bioremediation, biofuels, enhanced oil recovery, and water quality. The overarching vision for the lab is understanding the fundamental concepts of systems biology and environmental stress response pathways from the molecular to the ecosystem level to improve our knowledge of fundamental biogeochemistry and suggest exciting new applications that are relevant to the world's current problems. We have labs at both UT and Oak Ridge National Lab and active field studies in Puerto Rico, Alaska, Gulf of Mexico and Oak Ridge.

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