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Devon Burr's Research

Fluvial Features on Titan's Surface

Click HERE to download a zipped file of Titan fluvial networks in ArcGIS format.

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. Tens times Earth's distance from the Sun, Titan has a bitter, cold landscape where rivers and lakes are filled not with water, but with liquid natural gas.  Despite this, however, Titan bears surprising resemblance to Earth.  For example, like Earth, it has a solid surface covered with a substantial atmosphere.  And each of these atmospheres contains volatiles – methane on Titan, water on Earth.  The Cassini-Huygens mission at Titan has returned data showing features indicative of a volatile cycle, including lakes and elongate, sinuous features broadly interpreted as fluvial in origin.  Mapping and characterization of these fluvial features, supported by initial modeling, contributes to learning what they can tell us about volatile movement in Titan's atmosphere and subsurface, and to comparing their geomorphic effect with that of other processes operating on Titan's surface.

Fluvial features on Titan

Related Publications

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* denotes student author

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