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Devon M. BurrDevon M. Burr

Associate Professor
Planetary Science

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
705 Strong Hall
1621 Cumberland Ave
Knoxville, TN 37996-1410

Phone: (865) 974-6010
Devon Burr's CV
Research Website

My research in planetary science is in the field of planetary geomorphology.  I specialize in how various processes may have shaped planetary surfaces and what those surface shapes can tell us about the geologic history of that body.  In this work, I use analysis of spacecraft images, field work on terrestrial analogues, and experiments.

Much of my work has explored water-formed features on Mars.  Early work focused on young flood channels on Mars and their bedforms, using similar bedforms found in the Channeled Scabland and Icelandic flood channels to constrain the Martian flood flow conditions.  From this basis, I became interested in ground ice features, working with Canadian and Alaskan colleagues to assess the distribution of pingos on Mars.  Current research includes the mapping and characterization of Mars' largest population of sinuous ridges – inverted fluvial deposits – , using terrestrial inverted fluvial channels as analogues. 

I'm also interested in Titan, the surprisingly Earth-like moon of Saturn.  Titan has fluvial and alluvial features, as on Earth, and one Titan projects involved analysis of data from the Cassini mission to the Saturnian system to map and characterize those fluvial features on Titan.  Click HERE to download a zipped file of these ArcGIS data as published in Burr et al. (2013) Icarus.  A developing project is the analysis of putative alluvial fans on Titan and their mechanisms of formation. 

The other Titan project entails the refurbishment and use of the Titan Wind Tunnel in NASA's Planetary Aeolian Laboratory to determine the atmospheric conditions and wind speeds responsible for Titan's vast aeolian dunes.  This work has shown some interesting differences between model predictions and experimental results for threshold wind speeds under dense atmospheric conditions.

EEPS Planetary Geomorphology group (left to right): Keenan Golder, Samantha Peel, Anthony Maue, Cole Nypaver, Stephen Sutton, Robert Jacobsen, Devon Burr

Ph.D. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.  (2003)

  • Dissertation title: Investigations into young outflow channels on Mars
  • Major: Geosciences (advisor: Victor Baker)
  • Minor: Planetary Sciences (advisor: Alfred McEwen)

M.S. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. (1998)

  • Geology

M.A. St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM. (1996)

  • Liberal Arts Classical and Modern Philosophy

B.S. United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. (1989), Distinguished graduate

  • Political Science (Honors Program)


Journal Articles

GS denotes graduate student, UG denotes undergraduate student, and PD denotes postdoctoral research under my supervision


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2004 and earlier

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