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EPS Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board is to provide external perspective, advice, recommendations, resources and related assistance as requested by the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences (students and faculty).  The Board provides opportunities for alumni and associated supporters to become better acquainted with the activities and accomplishments of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and to use their combined professional experience, expertise, and resources to influence and promote the Department’s ongoing success.

Board members are available for students to contact regarding career and resume advice, or other general mentoring.  If you want to get in touch with a specific board member, please contact the EPS department head or administrative assistant.

Name Degree/Year Advisor Research Area of Expertise Occupation
Mike Allison MS 1984 Misra Economic Geology Upstream E&P IT Management, Drone Services Business Owner, Consultant
Roger Bohanan MS 1975 Kopp Petrology & Geoarcheology Petroleum Geology Petroleum Geologist
Vicki Brumback MS 1990 McSween Metamorphic Petrology & Structure Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Coordinator/Geologist
Brent Couzens-Schultz MS 1991 Dunne Structure & Tectonics Geomechanics, pore pressure, fold-thrust belts Petroleum Geologist
Thomas Cronin
(acting chair)
BA 1980;
MS 1983
Misra Economic Geology oil & gas field development; geology education Petroleum Geologist
Dennis Cumbie MS 1997 McKay Hydrogeology Groundwater, watershed mgt, stormwater Water Programs Div. Mgr.
Tim Davis PhD 1993 Hatcher Structure & Tectonics Structure,  New Ventures, Fract/Geomech Petroleum Geologist
Wesley Diehl MS 1982 Walker Carbonate Paleoecology operations geology Petroleum Geologist
Emily Goodman BS 2003, MS 2005 Kah Carbonate Geochem petroleum geology Petroleum Geologist
Stefan Higgins MS 1996 Taylor Igneous Petrology Petroleum geology/geophysics Petroleum Geologist/Geophysicist
David Jackson
(Award nominating committee)
BA 1978; MS 1982 Taylor Igneous Petrology Environmental Quality and Remediation Environmental Geologist
Hart Knight BA 2002; JD 2006 Byerly &McKay Environmental Studies, Major; Geography and Business, Minors Environmental Law Attorney
Brent Lockhart Petroleum geology/geophysics Petroleum Geologist
Steve Martin MS 1997 Hatcher Structure & Tectonics Geologic mapping Geologist
Arthur Merschat
(Membership committee)
MS 2003; PhD 2009 Hatcher Structure & Tectonics Geologic Mapping Research Geologist
Valerie S. Reynolds PhD 2005 McSween Planetary Geology Igneous Petrology Lecturer
Dibyendu "Dibs" Sarkar PhD 1997 Misra/Essington Environmental Geochemistry Environmental Quality and Remediation Professor of Environmental Engineering
Bryan Schultz BS 2002, MS 2005 McKay & Driese Geology / Pedology / Morphology Multi-discipline / Public Education Educator
Elizabeth Smith BA 2008 McKinney Evironmental Land Reclamation; NEPA Program Specialist
Ron Tisdale
(Finance Committee)
MS 1974 Briggs Depositional Modeling Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology Petroleum Geologist , consultant
Syreeta Dickerson Vaughn MS 2005 McKay Environmental Geology/Hydrology Uranium contamination & safety controls Nuclear Safety Specialist
Christina Vivano PhD 2012 Moersch Planetary Geology Planetary spectroscopy; Mars Geology Staff Scientist
John White
(Member of Finance Committee)
MS 1975 Briggs Clastic Depositional Evironments Geophysical Interpretation, Con/Uncon Reservoris Consulting Geophysicist


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